02 October 2014

Longer Lengths

jersey maxi dress and boots

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate tights?  I know some people pretty much have the date they can start wearing tights for autumn ringed around in love hearts on their calenders but no, not me. I hate the way they feel, and I really don't like how they look. Adding tights to any outfit instantly makes me feel fat and frumpy, its like magic. They always slide down or bag out at the knees or bobble or ladder. Nope, no tights for me. I'll be the one wearing trousers, maxi skirts, over the knee boots, anything to avoid the dreaded tights! Am I the only one?

It might be October, but luckily the weather has been on my side with this one, so outfits like this are still possible without losing nay limbs to frostbite. I have really wanted a loose, drapey jersey maxi dress for a while- I might not carry the look off with as much aplomb as the scandi streetstyle star but damn if it isn't comfy! Ticking all of my autumn boxes in one fail swoop, all without the need for tights. Its a winner!

longer lengths for autumnjersey maxi dress ankle boots and grey jersey
Wearing- Jersey Maxi: Zara via ebay (similar); Boots: Topshop (old); bag: Morrocco; Necklace: Shop Dixi


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22 September 2014

Style // Duster

autumn style vintage duster coat Longer lengths and looser silhouettes are on my mind right now. Why is that undone style so enticing? There was a vintage kilo sale in the city centre the other day so I headed in, elbows at the ready, and struck gold in the form of this Prince of Wales check shirtdress. Pretty darn hideous as a dress for me, but roll up the sleeves a touch, undo the buttons, and you have the perfect vintage duster coat for Autumn. And finally I can satisfy my cravings for a very of this season item without the guilt of having spent a small fortune on a coat that won't keep me warm at all through the Manchester winter! Sometimes shopping can be oh so satisfying.
styling a duster coat how to wear a duster jacket autumn style loose layers and minimal jewellery
Wearing- duster: vintage (similar); harem trousers: via Ebay (similar): tee: Primark (old); sandals: Birkenstock Arizona (on sale!); bag: Morrocco; Bracelets: ASOS; Necklace: ASOS


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21 September 2014

This Week // #18

Manchester buildings at sunset
{a snap across the rooftops out our window one evening}
Doing: Some good old planning and editing. It is job hunt time and that has made me realise I am in dire need of a great online portfolio. It is proving quite the headache! Why is it so hard to talk about yourself and your abilities? CVs, covering letters, application forms galore. Send me strength!
Loving: Living in the city again. This Indian Summer is casting a glow over the whole of Manchester and I have truly fallen in love all over again. Walks around the Northern Quarter for breakfast dates, exploring art shops and vintage sales, cocktails at the Art Museum... Life is good.
Wearing: Loose black trousers and vest tops. After months and months of wearing the slimmest silhouette, I'm mixing in some slouch again. And seeing as so much of my time is being spent at a laptop, I'm very grateful for the change!
Daydreaming: Of our wedding. We have completely forgotten about doing anything about it since we booked the church and venue in April so it is about time we got cracking! Brainstorming and planning ahoy!

Links of the Week
This interview with Anna Wintour cracked me up. It must be bizarre to be so much at the top of your industry- is there anything more she could achieve professionally? It is nice to see her having a little fun with her role.
I always love Sophie's posts and this one about blogging might give us a little indicator of why she is so darn good.
I've been having a look at my diet again after a summer of enjoying myself a little too much (in the best kind of food way) and this article struck a chord. All the complicated labels on diets end up doing my head in. Too much fuss?
I've never travelled solo, there has always been a friend, family or partner as a buffer by my side. But after reading this post it has gone onto my bucket list. For now, I'll carry on enjoying going to events and places that are slighter nearer by on my own. Spending time in your own company feels great sometimes.
Having just moved city, this set of advice really struck home. All very much true!

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