25 October 2014

Shop // Autumn wishlist

Oh it has been an age again. It feels like most of OCtober has had me laid out with one of those never ending colds. Streaming eyes and nose, sore throat, headaches, the whole shebang. I'm a little sick of lemsip and BBC Iplayer now, so I thought I'd move onto online window shopping instead! I think I have a little thing with grey going on this Autumn... But this would pretty much be my perfect outfit right now. Beaumont Organic, Moxham, Miista, what beauties!
Autumn wishlist, greys

What has been going on whilst I've been in my sickbed? Update me with your news.

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08 October 2014

Style // Chequered Coat

chequered coat for autumn I knew the Indian Summer couldn't last forever... The rain has arrived and temperatures have dropped nearly 10 degrees in what seems like overnight. Nevermind, at least it is coat weather finally! I have been obsessed with wrap fronted coats this year, staring a little too longingly at some of the blanket like offerings available at H&M and Zara. For me, each new season is when it feels really hard to buy ethically instead of heading into the highstreet stores, but with a little work something can usually be found to stem the cravings. After far too many Ebay trawls and failed bidding wars, I got my hands on this snuggly wool coat for under a tenner including postage. That's only £150 cheaper than the Zara one I liked... Nothing like a price difference to remind you of the bonus of shopping second hand! blanket coat and torn jeans autumn style blanket coat and jeans
Wearing- Coat: Old Zara via ebay // jeans: Old H&M DIYed // Boots: Old Topshop // Jumper: Charity Shop // Hat: H&M // Bag : Morrocco

05 October 2014

This Week // #19

copper planters
{nothing to do with this post but look how pretty these planters are! Source here}

Doing: A whole load of wedding stuff! We had a bit of a realisation that we hadn't done anything for literally months and that it was probably time to get a shimmy on. Save the Dates are getting printed, a few bits and pieces for the reception have been ordered and, best of all, wedding rings have been bought. I guess we're actually getting married, guys!
Loving: Manchester. I am falling more and more in love with where we live. Walking around the Northern Quarter, finding new spots to visit and events going on, feels so good. There is such a buzz around the place and it is feeling more and more like home. A good one at that.
Wearing: Boots and jumpers. The temperatures have finally dropped into that perfect autumn mode- warm enough to not need to bundle into coats and huddle from the rain, but cold enough to layer up and snuggle down. Judging from twitter, I'm not the only one loving this!
Daydreaming: Of cosy wintery days. I'm still at that stage where I'm happily thinking of evenings lit by fairy lights and candles, the Christmas Markets in town, snuggling into warm clothes and hot chocolate in steamy cafes. Give me a few more weeks of rain and I'm sure I'll change my tune!

Links of the week:
Starting with the big stuff - Emma Watson's #HeforShe speech. I know most people will have seen it but I've got it bookmarked because it is one to keep rereading. Like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's TED talk, I really appreciate the open discussion about what moving towards equality really means, that it is something we should all be involved with. Feminism is a good thing and it is an even better thing to get talking about.
On that note, what did you think about Chanel's SS15 show? Susie Bubble summed up my thoughts about it so well. Lagerfeld's faux protest really sat uncomfortably, and in contrast with the discussions involved with the #HeforShe campaign, was so disappointing. Have a read of that one, because these are the messages that we are sold on a daily basis and in my opinion, only serve to show how far we have to go.
On a much lighter note, I adored seeing this photoshoot of a couple's 61st wedding anniversary. I dare you to open that link and not smile. Go on!
These 5 tips for professional emails might seem simple but gosh they are effective. So useful for anyone needing to build productive relationships in their work.
Oh gosh, I keep reading this and cracking up laughing. It is just. so. good. Women who want to be alone in Western art history. 

Catch up with Chambray and Curls 
// Made in Britain // Longer Lengths // Duster //

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

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