25 January 2015

This Week // #24

bxxlight stay in bed{mood for this week. Click for the link to that amazing light box}
Doing: Everything, it feels. Juggling work commitments, wedding to do lists, blogging and family time has been hectic recently. It isn't unmanageable, but the pace is fast and I'm tired. The next few evenings are going to be dedicated to being a complete lump on the sofa I feel!
Loving: Being busy. Despite what I said above, it is a luxury that my life is so full right now and I feel very grateful for it all.
Wearing: All of the cosiest knits I can get my hands on! I managed to find some complete winners on eBay recently and I am feel like I am wearing a duvet most the time, which makes me happier than I should admit...
Daydreaming: Of either sunshine or snow. There have been a lot of dreary grey days recently and I'm craving brightness, whether from bright blue skies or white frosted streets. Less of the slush please Manchester?

Links of the week:
It feels way to early for Valentines but I know it will speed around in no time so these cute printable valentines cards are being saved in my bookmarks
Love this beginners guide to going sweatshop free in your wardrobe.
Talking about the luxury of choice and the impact of privilege on your career options. Thought provoking article and something that has been on my mind recently. I know that my current options in life are entirely down to the many privileges I have, and I am eternally grateful that I am in this position.

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// POLO //


16 January 2015

Style // polo

camel turtleneck jumper It finally happened! I finally managed to squeeze in some outfit shots before work, in daylight and when it wasn't raining or blowing a gale. My usual weekend shooting plans were kiboshed by the fact that it rained for every second of it... So I'm considering this a real achievement and giving myself pats on the back. Blogging in these winter months is a nightmare! Please say I'm not the only one?
P.S. For honesty purposes, yes I was still flipping freezing in these photos and yes I then put on a gigantic down filled coat for my walk into work. As Sara Sucker said the other day, sod normcore, it's #warmcore all the way!black leather trousers and over the knee bootsgrace gordon london ethical handbag eleanor tote street style camel knit and black leather
wearing- polo knit jumper & boots: second hand via eBay; Beanie: River Island (old); leather trousers: Topshop (old); scarf: charity shop; bag: Grace Gordon Eleanor Tote


11 January 2015

This week // #23

Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent
{Joni Mitchell, the soundtrack to most of my Sundays, since I was a tiny girl}

Doing: A lot of sorting out. I reorganised our flat last weekend, my email inbox is getting tackled, and a whole load of wedding admin has been done this week. I even redid all of the section pages on my blog so that they are filled with pretty images for you to browse through my blog archives (just click the sidebar links to have a look!) It seems the spring cleaning urge has come early this year and I just want everything to be organised, clean and fresh. It feels like it takes a weight off my mind.
Loving: Being busy. I've got a lot going on right now and it feels like opportunties are opening up and hard work is paying off, which is an exciting feeling. Life is good and I'm currently feeling pretty fulfilled.
Wearing: My Fair-T Aloha jumper- I posted a photo on instagram if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about. This was such an ace Christmas present! The fit and fabric and graphic are just perfect and I want to wear it every. single. day.
Daydreaming: of nothing really. I have been focused on getting sh*t done and so I've been living life in the present mainly. Not a bad state of affairs really.

Links of the week: 
The situation in Paris has preyed on my mind more than I can tell you this week and if I'm honest, I'm full of complicated feelings on it all. I haven't always liked the things Charlie Hebdo has published, and I have often been all too aware of the problems that France has with rascism and disenfranchising migrants.Seeing racially motivated attacks pop up all over France in the aftermath just adds more grief to the whole dreadful situation. I've tried to read as few 'news' articles as possible on it but read as many discussion pieces as I can find. There are lots of calls to arms and lots of people quick to break it all down into simple, pithy statements and amongst all of those, this article feels like quite an important, thoughtful read. We have to stop breaking acts of violence down into 'them' and 'us', we  have to push for nuanced thinking and an inclusive society. L'amour est plus fort que la haine.

I love this post from Jennie with 9 definitions of blogging success- it isn't all about those dollar bills

On the lines of getting organised, this printable To Do list on A Pair and A Spare might be the one of the prettiest ways to get down to work.

I am definitely guilty of being sucked into internet speak, captioning images with one word or an emoji and so this article on The Manrepeller- why Fetch happens - cracked me up massively. Gretchen, stop trying to make Fetch happen.

Lists of badass women always make me happy to read and this one has some real corkers. Inspiration for sure. Alongside Joan Didion for Celine, and Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent, it seems like now is a time to celebrate kickass, intelligent women everywhere

Any homeware addicts, look away now. There are some incredible shops here! I would happily buy up all of the rugs and blankets, if only I didn't live in a minature one bedroom flat with no spare room for one item more...

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