24 April 2014

Talk // Fashion Revolution #insideout

chambray and curls fashion revolution day inside out

Today marks the 1 year since the Rana Plaza disaster where over a thousand workers were killed and Fashion Revolution is asking how much change has occurred since then. You'll know I've taken my ethical fashion pledge and Rana Plaza was one of the biggest factors for me. It made my actions as a consumer feel so inconsistent. I make the effort to buy free range, high welfare meat and eggs, I search my beauty products for good ingredients, my chocolate, coffee and bananas are all fair trade, I try to support local businesses... and yet still bought my clothes from companies who have no idea, and often are not even interested to find out about, who made their products, in what conditions... Rana Plaza confronted me with what ignoring how my clothes are made means.

The Fashion Revolution campaign is so clever. It is asking brands to be transparent, to be aware of where and how their products are made and be open to us as consumers. Then it is down to us to make a decision as to whether we can agree with their methods and want to support their businesses by buying from them. If we don't have the transparency, we cannot make informed decisions as consumers. We get the luxury of making choices any time we go to a supermarket- fairtrade, organic, free range, local... but none of that when we go on the high street. It is insane that we can scan a piece of meat to find out which farm it was produced in, we can find out which person picked our banana and yet all the information we can usually find from clothing brands is which country something was made in. Nothing about which person, in which factory, where the cotton might have been picked or the cloth woven. We are so distanced from the manufacturing process of so much that we have around us but events like Rana Plaza tell me that we can't just sweep it all under the carpet. There are real people involved in the things I wear on my back. I've been amazed how hard it is to find out any information from Brands, on their websites or otherwise, about how and where their clothes are made. Not just cheap brands, but high end ones too (which is even more illogical to me- you're charging £100+ for a jumper and yet it was made in the same conditions as the £25 one? Where is the extra money going?).Transparency is what Fashion Revolution is pushing for. But us consumers are the ones with the power. If we push for changes and don't spend our money until they occur, if we put pressure on Brands, then they have to change.

So how can you get involved? 
Follow @FashionRevolution on twitter or have a look at their website for all of the information but it is easy to get involved today. Take a picture of your clothing labels and ask the brands 'where are your clothes made?'.  Hashtag it with #insideout. See if they can let you know. If not, why not? Let's push together and try to make some changes. Shouldn't our fashion be fair?

  "There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness" - Gandhi.


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23 April 2014

Life // Bluebell Walks

I've been trying to get outside to enjoy this beautiful Spring as much as possible over the last few weeks. Time has been flying by once again! I'm all too aware that there are only a few short weeks where the spring flowers are at their best, where their petals are bright and the scent of blossom fills the air. It feels right to try and soak it all up whilst I can. I've found that there are some places where spring feels like utter magic. Places where bluebells carpet the ground, glowing in dappled light among the trees. As soon as the leaves bud and get thick enough for the light of the forest floor to fade, they'll be gone again for another year, making a walk in the gentle silence all the more like a trip into an enchanted wood. If there was ever a time to believe in fairies...chambray and curls Springtime Bluebell Wood Arlington chambray and curls wearing all blue among the bluebells chambray and curls bluebells carpeting the forest floor chambray and curls standing mong the bluebells chambray and curls bluebells in spring

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20 April 2014

This Week // #10

chambray and curls
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Doing: Reading. I seem to end up sinking into a Harry Potter spiral every holiday. I start reading the first few because they are easy and comforting to read after reading them so often, and then I can't help but carry on until I've read all seven, and end up weeping to myself over it all, not sure where the days disappeared to. I read books six and seven in 2 days and spent most of those days on my bed with the cats next to me and lots of cups of tea whilst I sobbed over Dumbledore. It is intense...
Loving: Easter! I hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend filled with family, friends, too much chocolate and hot cross buns. I am far too full after our roast lunch (Yes, this afternoon is a sofa afternoon for sure).
Wearing: Jeans and shirts. All day, errday. They are comfortable and I feel good in them. If I'm just doing bits and pieces around the house or nipping out for short trips, they're my go-to. Back to my work clothes tomorrow thought so it has been nice to slob about a bit.
Daydreaming: That my holiday was 3 weeks longer! Working in an education environment does mean that you get great holidays but I swear it feels alot harder and almost scarier to go back to work after 3 weeks or more off. I really appreciate the holidays but you definitely feel out of touch, like you've lived in a bubble for a while.

Links of the week:
The Fashion Revolution is an amazing idea. We all need to be pushing for more transparency from our clothing brands. If you click one link, make it this one.
Carrie made a dairy free chocolate fudge sauce. I think I want to bathe in it
Trini's wardrobe essentials make me pretty happy to look at. One day I'll be that organised
I love this list of books that changed women's lives. I've still read far too few of them but it has told me what to pick up next (maybe a better decision than Harry Potter again)

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